Newest Model: This latest innovative quiet fan from Noctua is for use as a Quiet computer case fan or a Quiet CPU cooling fan. After the successful
introduction of the NF-P12 120mm fan in November, Noctua presented today their first 92mm retail fan: The NF-B9 complements Noctua's much
outstanding airflow and pressure performance at.

The NF-B9's highly-optimised blade design achieves an exceptional level of airflow and static pressure that most other fans can only reach a
t much
higher speeds. Bevelled blade tips, Vortex-Control Notches as well as Noctua's SC drive system and premium-grade SSO-Bearing ensure
outstanding quietness and long-term stability.

Introducing NesteQ Brand New ECS Series ULTRA Quiet PC Power Supply's  Click Here >
NestQ Expands there line of all ready quiet pc power supplies with even a more Quiet PC Power Supply. A 140mm Super Silent Fan gives this new
computer power supply plent of cooling with a almost noiseless opration under 19 dba noise level under a typical load. These new ULTRA Quiet
(PSU)'s also feature an advance modular cable desighn never seen before on any PSU Called  EECS:
"Enhanced Easy Connecting System." These
new ultra quiet power house units are available in 500, 600 and 700 watts.

New Outstanding Royal Laptop Cooler from Evercool Brand New: Click Here >  
This ULTRA Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad features "Pure Aluminum" Design and acomidates up to 20" Wide Screen Notebooks and with 3 Ultra Quiet
Cooling fans at an amazing 13 Dba Noise level makes this the most versatile quiet performance laptop cooler avilable.

The Dell Computer Fan is Back Click Here > Dell Computer Fan 92mm Thermal Sensor 3612kl-04w-b66  "Hurry Limited Supply's."

Just Arrived Brand New: Click Here > AV Cooler (Audio Ventilation Unit. Acoustic PC now offers Audio Ventilation products. Our A / V Coolers are
Designed to keep your audio and media components from overheating ! View all our AV Cooling products and accessories
Click Here > AV Cooling .

IC Diamond Thermal Interface Material
Latest Break through in Thermal Compund. if your into performance cooling this is a must have  Click Here > Check out IC Diamond 7 Carat
Thermal Grease Highest rated thermal interface material for overclocking. IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound maximizes thermal heat transfer
between the CPU core and heatsink by taking advantage of diamond's superior thermal conductivity. Purified synthetic diamond has a thermal
conductivity of 2,000-2,500 W/mK compared to 406-429 W/mK for pure silver. Diamond's five times better thermal conductivity compared to silver
makes it a superior heat transfer material for cooling high performance CPUs and is electrically non-conductive and non-capacitive.

Looking for a ultra high performance quiet pc power supply for dual or quad sli Click Here> check out Zalman's new 1000 watt power house
QUIET computer power supply.

Looking to cool down your new Nvidia 8800 GT with the  512 MB G92 chipset
Click Here> check out ThermalrightsHR-03 GT 6 Heat Pipe Quiet
Video Card Performance Solution.

Just Arived !!! Acoustic PC Now STOCKS Qmicra Small Form Factor Quiet PC Case
We are proud to introduce our verry  first product for 2008. Qmicra SFF Small form Factor PC Case by PC Design Lab. They say good things come in
small packages wait ttill you feast your eyes on this "Amazing"  NEW ! PC case. The Qmicra V2 in capable of acomidating a full size ATX power
supply as well as four hard drives. And if that is not enough, how about SLI and even space for a dual 120mm radiator for the water cooling
Click Here > Just Arrived Qmicra PC Case

Here is a video with CEO Dave LaLopa PC Design Lab about Qmicra SFF Case from R-NEWS   > CLICK HERE    

Zalman Unleashes their latest 2D \ 3D LCD Monitor

December 21, 2007

BRAND NEW: Zalman ZM-M220W 22 inch Widescreen Trimon 2D/3D LCD

If you’re a gamer, you might think all your Christmases have come at once! Just in time for the festive season, Zalman have announced a world first -
a pair of affordable high-end LCD monitors supporting full 3D imaging. All you need to do is install the NVIDIA 3D driver, load up your favorite game,
put on the supplied polarizing glasses or clip-ons and be amazed! These monitors are compatible with over 20 recent games and more are being
added to the list every week. They also works brilliantly in 2D mode for general purpose use and boast built-in audio to boot.

Press Release Noctua's New Quiet CPU Cooler, Quiet Computer Fan & TIM Solution Hybrid Thermal Compound...

Press Release Update December 20, 2007

News December 12, 2007

Press Release New Noctua Products Just Arrived.

NH-U12P Quiet CPU Cooler $59.95 - While retaining the successful design and the well-proven SecuFirm™ mounting system, the
newest revision has been reworked for enhanced main board compatibility and now comes with Noctua's NT-H1 pro-grade thermal compound.
Fitted with the new NF-P12 premium fan, the NH-U12P brings its predecessors' much-acclaimed quiet cooling performance to a whole new level!  

BRAND NEW: NT-H1 Tim Solution $8.95 - Noctua's NT-H1 is a pro-grade TIM solution for enthusiasts who demand both exceptional performance
and maximum ease of use: A hybrid compound of different micro-particles allows for minimum thermal resistance, excellent ease of use and
outstanding long-term stability.

News! December 12, 2007.
At last the wait is over the new Noctua NF-P12 fans and CPU Cooler are here.  Noctua NH-U9F and NH-U12F sound-optimized premium heatsinks
and fans are designed using scientific measurement instrumentation, methods of calculation and simulation technology, and meet the highest
demands in terms of performance, quality and quietness of operation. Noctua simply offers the best in ultra quiet computer cooling fans. Check out
BRAND NEW: Noctua NF-P12 Vortex Contol 120mm Quiet Computer Fan. $20.95

Noctua introduces NH-U12P-X Intel Xeon CPU cooler  
Noctua presented today the latest model of its successful NH-U series: The NH-U12P is equipped with the new NF-P12 fan as well as the NT-H1
premium-grade thermal compound and continues the legacy of Noctua's classic NH-U coolers, which won over 150 awards and recommendations
from leading international websites and magazines. Noctua's
BRAND NEW: Noctua NH-U12P Vortex Contol 120mm Quiet CPU Cooler. $59.95

In Vienna, November 20th, 2007 - Noctua presented today the latest model of its successful NH-U series: The NH-U12P is equipped with the new
NF-P12 fan as well as the NT-H1 premium-grade thermal compound and continues the legacy of Noctua's classic NH-U coolers, which won over
150 awards and recommendations from leading international websites and magazines.

"We continually work to further improve our successful products", explains Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. "The NH-U12P doesn't only provide
better mainboard compatibility, but thanks to the use of the new NF-P12 fan as well as the high-grade NT-H1 compound, the NH-U12P also brings
its predecessors' much-acclaimed quiet cooling performance to a whole new level!"

While retaining the successful design and the well-proven SecuFirm™ mounting system, the NH-U12P offers improved compatibility with
mainboards featuring very high chipset coolers thanks to its raised fin-stack. The NH-U12P comes with SecuFirm™ mounting-kits for socket LGA
775, AM2 and AM2+. Mounting-kits for Intel Xeon CPUs are available on request.

Fitted with the high-grade thermal compound NT-H1 and the new NF-P12 fan, which has been specifically developed for high-impedance
applications like CPU cooling, the NH-U12P is a further improvement on the award-winning performance of the NH-U12F. Due to the psycho-
acoustic optimizations of the NF-P12 fan, the NH-U12P provides the same degree of quietness that has made the NH-U series so popular among
Silent-PC enthusiasts. The fan's well-proven SSO-Bearing guarantees maximum long-term stability and in conjunction with the NT-H1 high-end
thermal compound, the NH-U12P is a quality package through and through, ensuring excellent performance and outstanding quietness for many

About Noctua
Noctua comes from a cooperation between the Austrian Rascom Computerdistribution Ges.m.b.H and the Taiwanese Kolink International
Corporation and has a development partnership with the Austrian Institute of Heat Transmission and Fan Technology (Österreichisches Institut für
Wärmeübertragung und Ventilatorentechnik, ÖIWV). These connections form the key to the development of sound-optimised premium components
"Designed in Austria": The partnership with the ÖIWV permits the application of latest technology in methods of scientific measurement
instrumentation, calculation and simulation in the R&D process. Rascom's long, customer-orientated experience in developing and distributing
sound-optimised high-end components ensures a clear focus on the users' needs. The use of Kolink's advanced manufacturing technology and
ultra-modern production plants allows Noctua to efficiently implement its technical edge and provide solutions of the highest standard in quality and
performance to the customer.

Press Release AMD Phenom

News! November 23, 2007.

Since when AMD released the first Dual Core processor, CPU technology has contently been on the rise. Then in 2007, Intel took the hardware
community by storm when it released the first Quad Core processor. But no matter how great a technology is for these newly developed CPUs, heat
is still the number one concern and with AMD releasing their own Quad Core, the Phenom it’s a continuous uphill battle.

Now in 2007, The AMD Phenom comes out with a CPU socket named AM2+, but is backward compatible with the original Socket AM2. Based on the
performance we observed from a Phenom 9700 2.4Ghz, the power consumption, even at idle, went up as high as 168 watts while Intel Q6600 idled
at 162 watts! Under overclocking conditions, the new Phenom will definitely be hotter than Intel’s Quad Core. Therefore, it is vital to have the best
CPU heat sink for your multi-core CPU.

Thermalright has just the right heat sinks with plenty of cooling capacity to cool these hot CPUs. Want to test out AMD Phenom’s limit? Get a
Thermalright heat sink and go to it!

Click Here > To Check out Acoustic PC's Variety of Thermalright Coolers For this new Processor from AMD

All your bases are belong to Vole

MICROSOFT seems to have decided that you will no longer own your computer files in its upcoming version of the Windows operating system,

For ages Windows users have had files such as "My Documents", "My Music" and "My Computer". Now it seems that Vole has decided, after great
market research, that the word "my" is for the chop.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Microsoft has decided that in Longhorn such folders will be known simply as Computer, Documents and

Apparently the whole my' thing was an attempt to get people to bond with their PC when they might have been a bit scared of it. Now it seems, PCs
are a normal part of life and we don't need such silly things.

Of course there could be something more sinister to it. Pressure from the music business means that you can't call those MP3 files ‘my music', the
various search engines seem a little too interested in storing your documents, and few people can say this is my computer these days. Maybe Vole
is simply reflecting the ephemeral nature of materiality. Or perhaps not.
Unconfirmed as of yet.

THERE is some noise that Asus has acquired very successful XFX. XFX is one of the key Nvidia partners, small but very noisy, which is famous for
its success in super high end market.
The XFX company is owned by Pine, a far east graphic player.

We heard that Asus got its hands on it, as it wants to fight Foxconn as best as it can. Asus first merged with Gigabyte and now wants fancy brands
such as XFX for even more power in the market.

We are still waiting for Asus and XFX to get back to us. µ
True Black 120 CPU Cooler Black Special Anniversary Edition of Thermalright's Incredible Ultra-120 Extreme.  "Hurry" Initial stock is very limited!
Bonus extras included with the cooler. Thermalrights New Chill Factor 2 Themal Compund as well as an extra fan wire clip for dual fan set ups's.

Brand New:
Click Here > $ 69.95

New Ground Breaking Technology From Microsoft !
The all new Mobile Memory Mouse with out compromising Performance of Laser Hyper Engine Accuracy plus percision. Mobile Memory Details Plus
High-lights: This comfortable, ground-breaking mouse is the most advanced mobility tool available. Its transceiver is also with "1 GB Flash Memory",
which frees up USB ports and lets you easily back up and transfer files. You can even continue to work while your mouse is charging. What more can
you ask for from a Computer Mouse?Blue Tooth wireless Technology, Hyper Laser Engine speed, accuracy plus percision, Ground Breaking
Technology Mobile Memory 1 Gig Flash Memory and Ergonomic Luxurious elegant design with all the quality build you would expect of a Microsoft
 BRAND NEW: Click Here >  $ 99.95

Noctua's NH-C12P New Downward cooling fan low profile 6 Heat Pipe CPU Cooler Brand New: Click Here > $ 64.95

OCZ Technology Announces “Freeze” Extreme Thermal Compound Based on a Proprietary New Extreme Performance CPU Cooling Formula
Band New: Click Here > $ 6.95

"Nexus Unleashes there Beast." The latest addition to there Quiet fan series is the Nexus PWM pulse modulated BIG Range Fan. this fans name
big rage fits it verry well it can be the qutest fan yet it can be the best Overclocking PWM Fan on the market
BRAND NEW: Click Here > $ 15.95

Thermalright IFX-14 Inferno Fire extinguisher CPU Cooler rated  # 1 in performance by Toms Hardware. The cooler even beats water cooling
Click Here > $ 77.95
PC Hardware & Reviews - Latest Products News Flash
Acoustic PC - Latest computer products articles, news and updates. Get up to date on todays computer cooling, cpu cooling, and componet news
and pc hardware reviews.

Latest Press Release
Acousti Products launch a NEW range of AcoustiPack™ kits for PC soundproofing. Silence your PC with 'DIY' kits of soundproofing materials for
absorbing unwanted noise from PCs, servers and electronic equipment. Improved acoustic performance, thinner materials and greater choice and
flexibility for those wanting to reduce PC noise. Only currently available in the USA and Canada.
Click Here > And see the new product range...
New Silenx Direct Touch Heatpipe to Procesor CPU Cooler.  "Virtual Hideout Recommended Gear Award."

SilenX ICX-120HA2 Extreme CPU Cooler Review 06-19-2008 Virtual Hide Out Reomended Gear
> Click Here  to View Review
Quote By Virtual Hideout PC Harware Reviews & news,  "The main concerns with the design  was whether or not the base components made a
good enough contact to properly dissipate the heat. The SilenX ICX-120HA2 CPU Cooler has a nice design "change of base" that seems to really
have worked out. It doesn't appear to hamper performance and in fact, improves the results."
> Clich Here to Buy or view product page
Worlds first Laptop cooler with trilpe Large 120mm cooling fans. The New NZXT Cryo LX Brand New:  Click Here > $ 79.95
Scientist Discover Worlds Fastest Super Computer is a Suped-UP PS3  > Click Here To Read Full Article
Just Arrived July 1st...

The wait is over. Zalman LQ1000 Hybrid Liquid Cooled Quie Computer Case is here
> > Click Here to view LQ1000  $ 849.95
The Zalman GS1000 Gaming PC cases are in STOCK and ready to ship  >> Click Here to view all Zalman GS1000 black modle
&  >> Clcikc here to view The Zalman GS1000 Titanium modle.
ASUS Introduces QuieTrack Technology.  Worlds quitest CD DVD RW  >> Click Here to view QuieTrack Optical Rom Drive.
Intel's Core i7: In-Depth Review

Not too long ago, Intel unleashed Nehalem, or Core i7, upon the world. The new Core i7 chips are not just new processors; they also introduce an
entirely new platform, and this combination produces some impressive performance figures, according to Ars Technica. "The new performance gap
between Nehalem and pretty much everything else of comparable cost is the result of upgrades to both the CPUs core architecture and the platform
on which the multicore chip now runs." Respected in-depth review sites AnandTech and Tom's Hardware agree with Ars' findings.

Ars Technica
reviewed the 731 million transistors processor, and Ars writer Joel Hruska came to his clearest and shortest conclusion to date. "I
had three areas I wanted to explore: [hyper-threading] performance, performance scaling in Nehalem vs. the QX9650, and the performance
difference, if any, between 32-bit and 64-bit mode," Hruska states, "Having done so, I could almost write the shortest conclusion on record: Nehalem
is great, Hyper-Threading = generally awesome, and 64-bit > 32-bit mode."

In more detail, he explains he has yet to find a single weakness (apart form the relatively high prices for the processor itself and the new
motherboards and RAM):

Nehalem's performance is excellent from any angle, from single-threaded, unoptimized ALU/FPU tests to eight-way threading through Maxwell, or
Handbrake. The tests I've listed here are not the sum total of programs I've thrown at Intel's Core i7, but I've yet to find the magic tests that expose
Nehalem's secret weakness.

As for Hyper-Threading, it's an asset here. There will always be certain real-world scenarios that require HT to be turned off if one wishes to achieve
maximum performance, but I've yet to find them. At worst, Hyper-Threading does no harm. At best, it provides an extra oomph to a chip that scarcely
needs it.

even more detailed Tom's Hardware review of the Core i7 platform pretty much agrees with Ars, but adds a comparison with AMD's flagship
CPU into the mix.

The performance comparison with long-time rival AMD’s offerings is nothing short of painful. The fastest Core i7, the 965 Extreme, is more than 2.6
times as fast as AMD’s current flagship CPU, the Phenom X4 9950 BE. Across our benchmark suite, the AMD processors never placed better than
towards the lower middle of the field, tending instead to fill the lower spots.

is just as lyrical about Core i7 as Ars and Tom's Hardware.

The Core i7's general purpose performance is solid, you're looking at a 5 - 10% increase in general application performance at the same clock
speeds as Penryn. Where Nehalem really succeeds however is in anything involving video encoding or 3D rendering, the performance gains there
are easily in the 20 - 40% range. Part of the performance boost here is due to Hyper Threading, but the on-die memory controller and architectural
tweaks are just as responsible for driving Intel's performance through the roof.

In the entertainment industry, this is what we call "released to raving reviews".
Quick to the draw releases the first socket 1366 compatible Quiet CPU cooling fan for the new Itel core i7.  

>> Click Here to view the new LOW-7000 Quiet CPU Fan .
Noctua Mens Business!

Noctua has released there version of the Intel Socket 1366 CPU Cooler and it's aims to kill.  While Noctua is not only the leader in Quiet they also
now produce the highest performance CPU Cooling fans avilable on the market, and with dual quiet cooling fans this new cooler will be sure to
impress those looking for higher overclocks as well as quiet performance.   
>>  Click Here Noctus NH-U12P SE CPU Cooler.  

Important Noctua Press Release. Quiet CPU Coolers for work stations & servers
In Vienna, September 25th 2008 - Noctua today released four new CPU coolers for Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors. Optimized for use in
dual socket systems, the new DX (Dual Xeon) and DO (Dual Opteron) versions of Noctua's highly successful NH-U12 and NH-U9 series introduce
the premium quality quiet cooling performance that has become synonymous with Noctua to the world of professional workstations and servers.  

>>  Click Here To View The New Outstanding  Xeon CPU Cooler Noctua NH-U12 DX.

>>  Click Here To View The New Oustanding AMD Opteron Socket F Version Noctua NH-U12 DO.
Thermalright New Extreme!

Thermalright releases a new version of there etreme series of CPU heatsinks for the new intel socket 1366.  However Thermalright finaly decides to
include a fan with the heatsink as well as a slick looking fan holder.
>> Click Here Thermalright ULTRA-120 1366 RT Extreme CPU Cooler.
Thermalright a high-end manufacture PC cooling thermal management products well know world wide for the superb heatsinks now adds another
arsenal; to there wide array of cooling products but this time it's a cooling fans. ;That's right folks you heard it right. Thermalright fans. The over ten
years now, and is know as the reigning King of cool.

What makes Thermalright fans so special?
The Thermalright Silent Stealth fans series set's it self apart from the rest by using 100% Japanese made FDB - Fluid Dynamic Bearings by Sony for
there motors, making these fan motors high performance as well as noiseless, the fan motors also provide long life as an added value to the PC
Enthusiast due to the fans frictionless technology FDB - Fluid Dynamic Bearing. The new Whisper quiet computer fans offer the best sound decibel
to (cfm) airflow available and are available in 120mm size and four different speeds to chose from to fit your cooling needs such as 1000, 1300,
1600, & 2000, Rpm's. The Thermalright Fan makes an excellent choice for your favorite 120mm compatibale computer case as well as for your CPU
cooler, VGA cooler a-like.   
>> Click here to check out the new Thermalright Fans.
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Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC’s Quiet Computer Cooling and Soundproofing
Solutions. Acoustic PC Stocks Quiet Computer Parts. Quiet PC Fans, Quiet CPU Coolers, Quiet
Power Supply, Quiet Computer Cases, PC Sound Dampening insulation, Ant-vibration Noise
Reduction materials such as Silicone Fan Mounts, Sorbothane Feet for Ultra Low noise PC's. We
also sell Silent PC Hardware components and Gaming products such as Fanless Silent Video
cards, SSD Drives, Professional Gaming peripherals for serious Gamers. Audio products & more.
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