International Orders Welcome!
North American Customers Including Canadians Puerto Ricans and customers from South & Central America, The Caribbean
Islands, Europe, Asia and from around the world may enjoy ordering directly online.

International orders are easy heres how.

International orders include Canada, Puerto Rico the Caribbean Islands, Europe and Asia.
Shipping Options USPS United States Postal Service
Priority Mail International is available in are checkout  & Express upon request.

International easy order placing Instructions
Choose shipping option USPS Express Mail International. Service provided by the United States Postal. Package Arrives approx. 6-10 Days.
Shipping will be calculated after your order is placed. You will receive an email back with the total Including shipping charges. You must reply to the
email excepting the store terms & conditions and the total charges Including shipping cost. After your email is received your order will be charged,
process, and shipped approx ETA 1-2 business days and in some occasions 3-5 business days. We will provide a tracking number when your
Package ships out.

International orders generally ship within 1-2 or 3-5 business days un-less other wise notified.. Sometimes 3-5 business days due to transfers we
may need to make to allocate products to complete the order. Though we strive to uphold are same day shipping policy International orders require
extra paper work so we have a default of 1-2 or 3-5 business days. Rarely an order will not be shipped with in this time frame unless for reasons
beyond our control adverse weather conditions etc... ( But this hardly ever happens ).

Important Notice International Orders

International Delivery
For deliveries outside of the United States we ship via USPS United States Postal Service Express Mail International. Typical delivery times
(excluding customs delays) are 6-10 business days on PRIORITY orders. A claim number will be provided when your order is shipped.  We now
also provide World Wide expedited from UPS witch provides real time tracking and is a more boutique personalized quality service and this option
can be calculated in the store cart before check out.

Important! Take Notice Regarding Additional Fees:
There may be duties and taxes assessed by your country that are due when you receive your order. These fees are
determined by the customs service in your country and are beyond our control. These fees must be paid to the carrier
when they arrive, refusal of a package does not mean that you no longer owe the fees. You are responsible for the
fees, shipping charges to and from back to us as well as the package,  if refused. Some times packages may get
abandoned by customs or the shipping carrier other times they may ship it back at an extra fee witch you will be held
accountable for. If the package is shipped back to us once we receive it if there is anything left over after all fees are
deducted it will be refunded to you, if the fees, shipping charges to and back, etc.. Is greater we will send you a
payment request.  Any person placing an order with us must understand this and agree to the store policy.  If you do
not agree to the store policy in the check out next to the store policy link the order will not be process and shipped.

We have no control nor we have no way of knowing the broke fee, taxes and another charges that your country may
charge you for incoming products and packages. There are too Manny countries to keep track of and their policies
can change at anytime. You can contact customs in your country and try to obtain more information before you place
the order if this is a concern to you. Understand our carriers are simply passing on fees, taxes and broke fees
assessed to them. Acoustic PC does not profit from these fess or is in anyway associated with them.

Lost or Stolen orders:
While this rarely happens it is important to know that USPS United States Post office Priority Small l Box services for small items does not included
insurance.  Medium box and large boxes include insurance as well as UPS World Wide Expedited and UPS Standard to Canada.  Using USPS once
a package reaches your country;s customs it is no longer track able and is out of our hands as well as our carrier USPS, unless you ship your order
using the more personalized service UPS World Wide or Standard Canada witch provides the real time tracking feature.  For claims only medium
box and large boxes VIA USPS is covered as well as UPS World Wide Expedited and UPS Standard. Small Flat rate box and envelopes the cost
must be absorbed by you or take it up directly with customs in your country. On occasion, depending on the situation you can reorder using UPS with
our approval and we will discount the original USPS small item box price to your next order.

Payment Options:
Credit Cards Excepted Upon approval Master Card, Visa, AMEX, and Discover & PayPal Verified Account.

Wester Union & Bank wire transfer is available upon request, However Bank Wire transfers are subject to an additional $25.00 Bank Processing fee.

PayPal Payment address

Shipping Security
All prices are in US Dollars. Our shopping cart features 128 bit SSL encryption so you can shop with confidence that your personal information is
safe. Credit card authorizations are done in real-time. Charges are not made until the day we ship your package. We do not share any information
that personally identifies our customers beyond that which is required to process orders. Silicon Acoustics does not send unsolicited commercial
e-mail under any circumstances.

Order Security
Please see the Yahoo! Privacy Policy for more information about how Yahoo! Uses this information. For more information about how Yahoo! Uses
Information please see the
Privacy Policy

About Us
Acoustic PC  takes credit card fraud very seriously. We use the following methods to maintain the integrity and security of your order:

Credit Card Information Kept Secure
Our shopping cart uses 128-bit SSL encryption that ensures a secure transaction provided by YAHOO & Chase Payment tech Merchant Solutions.

Billing Address Is Verified
We use an automated address verification system to make sure the billing address you provide matches that of your credit card. This system may
decline your order if your address is not entered the same way it appears on your credit card statement.

Card Verification Code Is Used
When you pay by Visa or Master card we ask that you enter your card's verification number (the 3 digit number on back of the card). This is done to
deter use of the account number by any party that does not have physical possession of the card. If the card verification number entered with your
order is incorrect it may delay the filling of your order until authorization to use the card can be verified.

If Credit Cards are not an option for you:
PayPal Payment Options & Bank Wire as well as Western Union Payment Options are available

We prefer payments via PayPal
(  However Upon request Western Union and Bank Wire Transfers may be available. Bank Wire
Transfers add an additional
$25.00 Bank Fee.

Important notes and guide lines for pay pal users:
For PayPal money transfers: Your PayPal status must be of verified International status, and be a member in good standing with several successful

Special Notice Regarding payments received
Also take special notice to this detail once a pay pal payment is received to a account it will be automatically transfers to our special PayPal banking
account PayPal charges a fee to us for this there for payment can not be retracted no exceptions.

Also make sure your account and address is verified and approved under PayPal Guide lines for a smooth rapid transaction you must be a
completely verified before your product are shipped out.

These rules are for you the buyers protection.

Return Policy
All products, unless otherwise noted, have a 30-day day return period from the date the product was shipped. Any repairs or defective items will have
to be sent directly to the manufacturer or warranty provider.

All returned products must be 100% complete in all the original packaging materials, in resalable condition, and include any manuals, warranty
cards, and any other accessories in the original packaging. We will not accept any non-defective products with broken or missing seals or products
in used condition. It is the customer's responsibility to verify all compatibility issues before making the purchase.

The customer is solely responsible for shipping a product back to Acoustic PC or the manufacture. The customer is responsible for all return
shipping charges as well. Similar to a walk-in retail store, they will not send someone to pick up your product or reimburse you for any transportation
costs. The customer also agrees to take responsibility for any lost packages sent back to Acoustic PC or the manufacture that are not insured.

Acoustic PC does a thoural quality inspection to make sure the product is free of defect. This is part of our International shipping policy to try to make
sure the product you purchase is in working order before it is shipped from our facility. International customers are responsible shipping back to
Acoustic PC or manufacture and back for product warranty, failure or defect of any kind.

Returns & RMA's
Customers before shipping a product back must obtain an RMA return request authorization number do not send a product back with out a RMA
reference number. Also special instructions are needed for International packages sent back.

Any package that is refused or returned as undeliverable will be charged a 20% restocking fee as well as applicable shipping fee. Please make
sure your address is correct and that you will be available for delivery of the package. If you will not be available to receive the package, please make
sure the carrier is informed.
International Orders
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Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC's Quiet Computer cooling and Soundproofing Solutions. Acoustic PC Stocks Quiet Computer Parts. Quiet PC Fans, Quiet CPU Coolers, Quiet Power Supply, Quiet Computer Cases, PC Sound Dampening insulation, Anti-vibration Noise Reduction materials such as Silicone Fan Mounts, Sorbothane Feet for Ultra Low Noise PC's. We also sell Silent PC Hardware components and Gaming products such as Fanless Silent Video Cards, SSD Drives, Profesional Gaming peripherals for serious Gamers. Audio products & more.
Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC’s Quiet Computer Cooling and Soundproofing
Solutions. Acoustic PC Stocks Quiet Computer Parts. Quiet PC Fans, Quiet CPU Coolers, Quiet
Power Supply, Quiet Computer Cases, PC Sound Dampening insulation, Ant-vibration Noise
Reduction materials such as Silicone Fan Mounts, Sorbothane Feet for Ultra Low noise PC's. We
also sell Silent PC Hardware components and Gaming products such as Fanless Silent Video
cards, SSD Drives, Professional Gaming peripherals for serious Gamers. Audio products & more.
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