How To Choose The Correct Laptop Cooler
How to choose the correct notebook cooler ?

Fist thing you have to ask your self how are you going to be using your cooler...

Are you and on the go user? Are you going to have it permanently docked on your desk or office? Or both?

These there questions are crucial and essential to choosing the correct cooler and will help us guide you.

In our opinion there are three types of laptop coolers. One Laptop Docking station, Two Laptop Cooler, and three a more
versatile cooler witch works for both situation. Sounds like the more versatile one would be the best choice? Not necessarily.

Here is the thing as the old saying goes it's better to specialize at something then try to do all at once. We are not knocking
Versatile cooler as a matter a fact in some cases it will be the best choice for you.

Here is why?    

First lets take a look at the Ultimate Versitile laptop Notebook PC cooling Product.

The NZXT Cryo LX Laptop Cooler... This is the performance King. Worlds first Laptop Cooler to incorporate triple Large 120mm
Cooling fans with a speed controller. You can get any better performance than that. It offers many interesting features such as
compact fold up design for on the go user works excellent best performer as a permanently docked station and as a laptop
cooler and when I mean lap top cooler I mean a true cooler that is comfortable on your lap. We find it to be oka not bad yet not
the best. So while it is the highest performance Notebook Cooler Dopes not necessary mean that it is the most comfortable
cooler on your lap... However for the moderate lap user it is a good choice for the user who is mostly having it docked all the
time it is our highest performer as well as Quiet.  You see the bigger the fans the better to a point you don't want to create a
Tornado affect and have paper flying all over the room or even freeze your legs off.

Here you can view the Cryo LX Laptop Cooler Product Page and see more in-depth detail on this super cooling monster... This
is currently Acoustic PC CEO Favorite Laptop Cooler.

Cryo LX 15" 17" 19" 20" Widescreen Compatible - With room to spare  > Click Here

As you can see performance does not come cheap. But you get what you pay for... This cooler offers ergonomic design for
comfort typing as well a grip action so the laptop cooler does not slide off, solid aluminum quality build , fan speed controller for
silent, quiet, quiet performance, and even full throttle overclocking cooling performance... Not to mention the superb modern
design and optional performance mods such as cooling fan upgrades and noise reduction and ant-vibration isolation provided
exclusively by Acoustic PC Specialist Exclusively for our customers.

Another intersting feature is the Huge 120mm Fans can be positioned as an Intake or exhaust . Stock the Laptop Cooler comes
with the fans positioned as an intake to bring in cool air inside the cooler. Contraery to the Stck positioning of the cooling fans
Acoustic PC prefers an exhaust set up. Thai can be accomplished by removing the fan mesh grill tary and switching the position
of the fans for exhaust. In our opnion this makes more sense rather then trapping more hot air along with dust and dirt insidbook
PC and causing componet failure as well as overheating problems due to large acumilation of dust and dirt. Again these
services are available with Acoustic PC  as well as Cooling Fan UP-Grades Exclusively to our customers. And for the DIY Modder
you can attempt to do this at your own risk.  

Docking Stations
Now there are excellent Docking stations out there also aluminum quality build at a less expensive price such as the Royal
Laptop Cooler or better yet Docking Station. We feel this is more of a Docking station type cooler rather than a Laptop cooler in
our opinion. But opinions are like belly buttons everyone has one. But Since we thourly testing our products befor we sell them.
We try to offer the best advice to our customers to help them make the right choice. And if you are looking for a quality , Quiet
solid build Docking station with three fairly large 80mm Quiet fans for an excellent price this bad boy will do the job. It also can be
used as a laptop cooler it's just not in our opinion the most comfortable choice.

Royal Laptop Cooler  15" 17" Widescreen Compatible  > Click Here
As you can see from the pictures provided due to the exposed fans with no mesh or finger grill protector, this could cause a
problem, such as it could get caught on your Lap and may cut you, However these fans are not sping at a dangerous speed that
can cause any permanent damge but the potential risk is there. This problem can easily be fixed by adding a fan grill. This would
require unsrewing the four screws that hold each fan in place and intalling a finger guard grill.  View Fan Grill.
 > Click Here  

And now what we consider to be the best choice for a TRUE Laptop cooler...

The Evercool Quad Cooler:
This cooler has a unique Quad cooling system with two very efficient and capable Quiet 80mm exhaust fans extracting hot air
from underneath and exhausting out the four exhaust ports one located in each of the four corners.

So actually this cooler has a bottom to it witch makes it very comfortable for a true Laptop use. So if you are going to be
constantly using it on your lap this will be the best choice in our opinion. Also by the hot air exhausting out the side ports you do
not have to worry about that hot air on your lap. And for you men planning to have children some day well this may be some
thing you want to consider. Some of these new performance Laptops Quiet Frankly would fry eggs. Thanks to Laptop Cooler like
this one not only will you be able to protect your Laptop but your future as a Father as well.

Quad Cooler 15" 17" Wide Screen Compatible  > Click Here   

As you can see this cooler is very capable of being the best laptop cooler on the market yet a worthy Docking station as well with
noise reduction and Anti-vibration options offered optionally. The cooler has a modern space ship looking design and this big
Brian really cools not to mention it will not cause a fire on your bedding sheets. And all this at a more that reasonable fair price.

Other thoughts on the Quad Cooler...
The Quad cooler is made of a High Grade ABS Flexible elastic type plastic engineered to take a beating and keep on ticking.
While its not indestructible the ABS plastic is NOT HARD OR BRITTLE AND WILL NOT CRACK EASY... And if you thought
Aluminum was light wait till you try this baby. This Quad Cooler is super light for you on the go users.  

Other Options:
Another option you may want to consider is have two laptop cooler one for a Docking Station and one for on the go ...
Our Laptop Coolers are all good for both uses we just feel that some are better designed for Docking stations and others for

And even others make a good combination. Its not easy to satisfy all users at the same time so sometimes having two
specialized coolers is the best choice if you are hard core at both type of applications on the go and work or home office use.


Best Performance Award goes to the Cryo LX  > Click Here

Best Versatile Cooler Award for on the go and Docking station again Cryo LX  > Click Here

Best True Laptop Cooler For Your Lap Goes To The Ever cool Quad Cooler  > Click Here

Best VALUE and makes an excellent Docking station The Evercool Royal  > Click Here

Acoustic PC - Also offers other manufactures as well and nifty cooling devices product line Zalman, Evercool, NZXT, Nexus Etc...

Check out the full line of Laptop cooling Pads.  
> Click Here
As notebook coolers have become extremely popular and user demand is at an all time high so has the use of laptop cooling devices and
accessories such as laptop coolers. In this article you will fin helpful tips on how to chose the correct laptop cooler or docking stationfor your specific
needs. Acoustic PC want to educate the customer looking for that perfect cooler so he or she does not make a mistake in there first purchase.
Manufactures tend to use the word Laptop Cooler for all laptop cooling pads. However we feel there is a marketing mistake and feel the need to
educate consumer specially our customers. As the market and need for these devices has grown it has beccome quite specialized to catter to
diffrent needs and each manufcature is develping cooling pads for Notebooks around that but has failed too specify the focus. While we feel all our
laptop cooling pads are versatile. In our opinion as Quiet cooling specilist we fell that some are better used as docking station and others as laptop
coolers while other can be both. With so manny choces these days to chose from we hopr you find this article helpful in choosing your new Laptop
cooler for your Notebook PC.
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Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC’s Quiet Computer Cooling and Soundproofing
Solutions. Acoustic PC Stocks Quiet Computer Parts. Quiet PC Fans, Quiet CPU Coolers, Quiet
Power Supply, Quiet Computer Cases, PC Sound Dampening insulation, Ant-vibration Noise
Reduction materials such as Silicone Fan Mounts, Sorbothane Feet for Ultra Low noise PC's. We
also sell Silent PC Hardware components and Gaming products such as Fanless Silent Video
cards, SSD Drives, Professional Gaming peripherals for serious Gamers. Audio products & more.
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