AcoustiRACK 24U Soundproofed Server Enclosure

The AcoustiRACK 24U soundproof cabinet is currently our smallest vertical 19-inch enclosure, suitable for a mixture of server and comms equipment. The maximum recommended capacity is 23U's -
allowing for a 1U gap at the top to allow for warm air escape from the acoustically baffled roof unit.

About AcoustiRACK™

AcoustiRACK™ is a range of Soundproofed Rackmount Cabinets designed to enclose noisy 19" rack-mounted equipment, such as servers, networking and audio equipment. The AcoustiRACK™
acoustically treated enclosures are self-venting cabinets that have been designed to trap & absorb unwanted noise generated inside whilst allowing free air movement and heat exchange with the outside
of the unit for cooling.

AcoustiRACK™ Benefits

Freedom of Choice - AcoustiRACK™ low noise enclosures allow companies and individuals a greater freedom of choice when selecting new 19inch equipment, and then to treat the noise generated.
Equipment performance, and not the noise levels generated can become the primary factor influencing choice.

Noise Problems Solved - those with existing noisy equipment, or recently purchased servers that prove to be too loud to tolerate can host both older equipment and new servers inside an AcoustiRACK™
sound insulated cabinet that will address the noise issues.

Improved Productivity - Numerous studies have shown that a quiet environment is conducive to improved cognitive function & decision making. Noise levels from 19" servers and networking/file storage
equipment have been increasing steadily in recent years - some units produce sound energy levels that become intolerable should you work close to them or in an adjacent room.

Health & Safety at Work - recent changes to directives & legislation show the general trend is one towards much lowered tolerance of workplace noise levels.
acoustirack 24u soundproof server enclosure
Acoustic PC - AcoustiRACK 24U Soundproofed Server Enclosure
Desighned in the UK By Acousti Products
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Reviews & Feedback

1. Looking into the World Service control room with the AcoustiRACK in the forefront on the right.

2. Steve Furness, Assistant Project Manager at BBC World Service shown accessing equipment inside one of the AcoustiRACKs.


The BBC World Service were working on a new initiative to produce video content for broadcast live via the internet. To produce live news bulletins the production team in the control room needed to be
able to communicate effectively with one another, monitor the transmission and concentrate in a high-pressured environment.

With limited real estate available, the equipment racks had to be located in the Gallery/Studio control room. The ambient noise produced by this equipment is such that it is usually installed in a separate
room to allow a suitable working environment.

The System integrator [Boxer Systems] suggested the solution was to install AcoustiRACK cabinets that dramatically reduced the noise to an acceptable level.

"The project would not have been possible without the use of AcoustiRACK products. The Systems integrator (Boxer systems) suggested the use of the 42U racks in our gallery, allowing us to negate the
need for a separate machine room.

This gave us a substantial saving and allowed full access to all the equipment, making the area much more flexible.

In addition, we have been able to silence our dimming units using Acousti Products' foam"

Stephen Furness MIBS, Assistant project manager, BBC World Service.
acousti products
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Price: $4,099.99

Shipping Included in the  Continental US & Canada

Please note: For orders on AcousiRACK Enclosures, email Acoustic PC in the (USA) before placing your order or call by phone (786) 342-0920
Download & Listen
MP3 Recording (500Kb, 2'48")
This recording can be played using most audio
applications, including:
About the Demo
These audio clips have been taken from one of many independent audio tests. The recordings are from 3m immediately behind a 42U AcoustiRACK™ cabinet - which is
not the quietest location we could have chosen (in fact it is the worst location)! The overall sound power level has been calculated using 6 microphones positioned on
a 3m virtual hemisphere around the 19-inch cabinet. The drop (across the sound spectrum) in sound power is 10.2dBA from 87.3 to 77.1dBA. The fall in higher end
frequencies (above 1kHz) is particularly dramatic at over 20dBA.

Exactly the same digital compression processes have been applied to both the 'before' and 'after' recordings used to create the down-loadable mp3 file, so they can be
downlad and listen acoustirack in action
windows media player free dowload
apple quick time free download
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Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC’s Quiet Computer Cooling and Soundproofing
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[Freehand Ltd, a company specialising in 3D Animation, Editing and Multimedia solutions]

"We were approached by one of our clients with a noise problem in their compact office environment. They were sharing the main office with 5 x 1U Intel servers, 1 x 2U Intel storage server and an Adaptec
NAS unit, and the noise was so loud it was distracting them from their work!

"We suggested the client isolate the noisy equipment inside a 24U AcoustiRACK soundproofed cabinet and I was sent to install the server rack. Having completed the installation and switched on the power, I
asked the client what they thought of the result. The response was, ' looks very nice, but how loud is it going to be?' The AcoustiRACK was so effective that the client had not realised that the units were
already turned on!"

Max Benson Technical Manager, Freehand Ltd -

Oustide Line, a Digital Communications Agency specialising in Youth, Entertainment and Lifestyle Brands]

"The rack made it possible for us to work in comfort. Our old rack seemed to intensify the noise of the raid drives, this one does exactly what you said it would... be quiet!"

Lloyd Salmons, Director of Outside Line - - Copyright Acoustic PC Inc. Trade Marked All Rights Reserved Design & Proprietary Rights By JLE technology Group.
Quiet Rack Features

Proven to significantly reduce server & rackmounted equipment noise by up to 90%

Unique self-venting cabinet design (patent pending)
Suitable for a wide range of 19-inch rackmount equipment including blade server chassis (1000mm deep)
High quality build & specification (aluminium rigid frame with 1mm steel side panels & roof)
Quick & easy full access for maintenance to both front & rear of the cabinet (doors can be removed in seconds)
Available flat-pack for easy self-assembly (full instructions provided, allow 45mins, tools provided)
Optional assisted venting roof fan kit available (for heavy thermal loads)
Full range of 19" rackmount accessories available (including blanking plates, shelving, castors, cable management etc.)

Technical Specifications

Product Code AR-24U AR-42U
Maximum Recommended Vertical Capacity (1U = 44.45mm) 23U 41U
Maximum Recommended Vertical Capacity with Assisted Venting Roof (1U = 44.45mm) 22U 40U
Overall Cabinet Dimensions (Height*/Width/Depth)
*excluding feet or castors  1178 x 600 x 1000mm 1978 x 600 x 1000mm
Assembled Weight (Approx) 78Kg 115Kg
Maximum Distributed Load (Static) 500Kg
Cabinet Colour Dark Grey with Black ABS Corners
Cabinet Features Acoustically Baffled Doors (Front & Rear)
Acoustically Baffled Roof
Quick-Release Doors (Front & Rear)
Aluminium Extrusion Rigid Cabinet Frame
4 x 19” Vertical Steel Sections (adjustable for depth)
Side Panels, Floor & Roof Sections 1mm Sheet Steel
Lockable Doors & Side Panels (with keys)
Included Accessories Sound-proofing Kit (pre-cut Acoustic Materials)
Cabinet Floor with cable entry/exit
Adjustable Feet
Flat-Pack Tools for Self-Assembly Multi-Spanner, Allen Key (Supplied)
Standard "+" Screwdriver (Not Supplied)