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AcoustiPack™ Deluxe v2 Computer Noise Dampening Material
From Acousti Products High End PC Noise Damping Computer Case Insulation Material (Made in Great Britain).

This revolutionary Acoustic sound proof dampening material, made by AcoustiProducts, substantially reduces case noise without a large increase in case
temperature. Both versions of AcoustiPack™ include enough material to cover the inside of a standard case. However, this "deluxe" version of their product is
intended for those customers who require the maximum noise reduction. This effective sound dampening material includes extra surface area and low noise
reflection of AcoustiContour™ anechoic surface and acoustic foam blocks.

Flexible Material
All AcoustiPack™ materials are flexible and easy to cut and shape (which wasn't the case with other sound dampening material we have tried). It comes with self-
adhesive bancking and unlike other sound dampening materials out there, acoustipack adhesive has been made so that if you only lightly install the product, it
can be peeled off your case so that you can adjust the fit of the product.

Ideal Noise Reduction For Computer Noise Damping
The AcoustiPack™ Deluxe v2 kit contains two standard noise dampening sheets, one anechoic noise dampening sheets, and three foam blocks ideal for insertion
into any suitable 3 1/2 and 5 1/4 inch drive bays. Having different thicknesses of acoustic materials allows for greater flexibility and custom fitting. Additionally, the
anechoic sheet is specifically designed to minimize sound wave reflection by increasing surface area by approximately 45%.

Included Noise Blocks
Noise blocks are used to fill in the empty drive bays to prevent noise and also to prevent dust from contaminating the computer case inside. Another useful
solution as show in the picture below is to Dampen Hard Drive noise by placing one noise block under and another above the hard drive to achive a noiseless
hard drive soulution.

AcoustiPack™ Deluxe v2 Specifications
Pack Contents:
2 x Acoustic Composite sheets - 7mm thickness (2mm Acoustic Barrier Mass and 5mm Acoustic Foam). These sheets are compressible down to approximately 3
1 x Acoustic Composite sheet - 17mm thickness (2mm Acoustic Barrier Mass and 15mm Acoustic Foam) also featuring the AcoustiContour anechoic surface
2 x 5¼ inch drive bay Acoustic Foam blocks
1 x 3½ inch drive bay Acoustic Foam block
Sheet Dimensions: 19.5 x 15.5 in (495 x 395 mm)
Pack Surface Area: (excluding the three extra blocks) 6,745cm²
Pack Weight: 3.0 Kg
Fitting Recommendations
A computer case can be fitted from start to finish within about 30-45 minutes depending on complexity.
Fitting Recommendations 53 Kb
computer case insulation
AcoustiContour™ Surface Close-Up
AcoustiContour™ Surface Close-Up - image of the unique new anechoic surface. The acoustic foam surface area is increased by approx. 45%. The
larger the surface area, the more effective the acoustic foam becomes at absorbing noise energy due to lower reflection and refraction of sound waves.
computer noise damping
noise damping
Acousti Products use water-based, nonflammable adhesives.

They say these are
"less odorous than solvent-based adhesives in some similar products... and can be operated normally within the temperature range -20°C to +150°C. If a mistake
is made during the application of acoustic materials, our adhesive allows for the materials to be peeled off and then reapplied."

A Caution:
"Although the range of operating temperatures stated above are those published by the manufacturers of the raw materials - we strongly recommend that
materials are not placed directly against hot components. This is to ensure that products are installed with optimal safety in mind and to help maintain hardware
longevity. Always read the printed instructions with each product prior to installation."
Acousti Products - AcoustiPack V2 Deluxe Computer Case Insulation
AcoustiPack V2 Deluxe Profesional Series
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